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Looking at type

My Everdream (+)   10/06/2007

Choosing the best fonts for your site is about more than making it look pretty: different typefaces send out different signals. Here are some tips… Have you ever been somewhere where you couldn’t speak the local language? Surrounded by signage, newspa (+)

Fuentes para reemplazar las de Microsoft

My Everdream (+)   16/05/2007

«Las fuentes de letra propietarias de Microsoft son una barrera para documentos realmente libres. Por esto, RedHat ha puesto a nuestra disposición un conjunto de fuentes llamadas Liberation Fonts para reemplazar a las de Microsoft. Tienen el mismo ancho (+)

Diavlo font for free

My Everdream (+)   13/05/2007

Diavlo is organic and a bit square and sharp. Great attention has been given to detail, spacing and kerning. Each weight contains more than 300 glyphs and over 1.300 kerning pairs. LINK (+)

AUdimat @ SMeltery

My Everdream (+)   13/05/2007

Our old favorite Jack Usine has only released one free font in 2006. (+)


My Everdream (+)   13/05/2007

Jos Buivenga’s foundry has some really wonderful stuff. Fontin Sans and Fertigo. (+)


My Everdream (+)   11/05/2007

Based on 6 typefaces originally deisnged for the Guggenheim Museum, Hoefler & Frere-Jones has released a sans serif called Verlag. It comes in 30 styles including a wonderful Compressed set. Verlag (+)

Pixel Fonts

My Everdream (+)   05/05/2007

Pixel Fonts To The RescueGraphic designers working on web projects often complain that when typefaces designed for print are set to lower sizes that they become harder to read and unattractive to the eye. Even using anti-aliasing (the smooth option in the (+)

Tips For Working With Type In Photoshop CS2 CS3

My Everdream (+)   04/05/2007

Please note that all of the following tips and tricks are for Photoshop CS2 only. Some tips below include working with layers. If you are not familiar with the changes made to layers in CS2, have a look at my Working With Layers tutorial for some help.Som (+)

Elegir los tipos de letra

My Everdream (+)   01/05/2007

Cada vez tengo menos claro qué tipos de letra hay que elegir. A partir de los libros de Nielsen uno diría, casi de carrerilla, algo como que en una pantalla de ordenador los tipos sans-serif se leen mejor que los serif y el mejor tamaño es el de 12 pun (+)

Taylor Lane Typography

My Everdream (+)   01/05/2007

From all the different elements of Graphic Design, if there’s been one single aspect that stunningly fascinating and extremely good to look at and create, TYPOGRAPHY it must be! (+)

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