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Aviano Sans Updated!

insigne Design (+)   16/04/2009

The popular Aviano Sans family has been updated with two new weights. Check it out at sure to subscribe to our Twitter feed. I plan to use it for some short term promotions. Blink and you'll miss 'em! (+)

insigne Twitters

insigne Design (+)   04/04/2009

Twittering away. Check it for some information about our update for Aviano Sans.Although this blog has been used primarily for announcing new products, I am planning to take it back towards its original vision, a blog that includes at least one weekly ent (+)

Natalya Swashes

insigne Design (+)   27/03/2009

Natalya Swashes provides a diverse set of flowing swashes and ornaments originally designed to complement the popular insigne script Natalya. The basis point for Natalya’s ornate swirls is the golden ratio, and this makes for especially harmonious swashes (+)

New from insigne: Enzia

insigne Design (+)   13/03/2009

Enzia is a friendly and flowing sans serif. Enzia exists somewhere between a slab serif and a semi-sans, and features flared vertical stems and rounded terminals. Its bulbous terminals and open counters inject a flavor of ease and excitement. Enzia provid (+)

New from insigne: 44th President

insigne Design (+)   10/02/2009

"44th President" is based on the handwriting of President Barack Obama. Barack Obama is the 8th left-handed American president, and his left-handed stroke is quite obvious. The script flows swiftly with a clear and fluid motion, and includes a complete st (+)

New from insigne: Kasuga Brush

insigne Design (+)   29/01/2009

Kasuga Brush is a contemporary script with eastern influence and authentic brush drawn character. The script offers two variants. One is slightly distressed along the character’s edges while the other is painted with a dry brush for interesting texture. S (+)

New from insigne: insigne Fleurons

insigne Design (+)   21/01/2009

Insigne Fleurons offers a wide range of diverse text ornaments to enhance your designs. These 52 ornaments can be used as components of a logo, background patterns or elements, border patterns or to add flourishes and refinement to your designs. Insigne F (+)

New from insigne: Le Havre

insigne Design (+)   06/01/2009

Le Havre is a geometric sans serif inspired by the golden era of the passenger ship, when getting to your destination was a delight in and of itself. Compressed capitals, a low x-height and geometric construction give this art deco inspired sans a unique (+)

New from insigne: Youngblood

insigne Design (+)   10/12/2008

Youngblood is a non-connected formal script with tall, sweeping ascenders and two alternates. These alternate forms can be mixed and matched for a custom look, and Youngblood is stronger in weight and is better suited for display work than most script fon (+)

New from insigne: Biscuit Boodle

insigne Design (+)   04/11/2008

Biscuit Boodle is a fun and uplifting script from Portland Studios Illustrator Justin Gerard. The characters are brush drawn with a slight texture. The font comes packed with OpenType alternates and ligatures. Included are small caps, old style figures, t (+)

Aviano Updated

insigne Design (+)   23/10/2008

The popular Aviano family has been updated to include two new weights, and the entire family has been completely overhauled with letterform tweaks, new kerning and new OpenType features.Aviano is an extended titling face with influence from the power and (+)

New from insigne: Blue Goblet Ornaments

insigne Design (+)   21/10/2008

Blue Goblet Ornaments are the ornament complement to Blue Goblet, a fun and whimsical brush script. These lively and cheerful ornaments can be resized and rotated easily without any loss of quality, and can easily be converted to outlines and modified. Co (+)

New from insigne: Sommet Rounded

insigne Design (+)   24/09/2008

The Sommet series has been updated with a rounded variant. Sommet Rounded retains its predecessor's high-tech web 2.0 character but features blunted terminators, making for a much warmer and friendlier impression. Sommet Rounded features a tall x-height, (+)

New from insigne: Newcomen

insigne Design (+)   10/09/2008

Newcomen is a highly versatile titling face that includes 87 OpenType alternates and 38 ligatures. Newcomen titling, in its default form, evokes the Victorian era and is named for the British inventor of a steam engine for pumping water. Newcomen’s flexib (+)

New from insigne: Mahalia

insigne Design (+)   06/08/2008

Mahalia draws inspiration from vintage hand-lettering, but adds a modern, European twist. Strongly slanted at a 25 degree angle, Mahalia draws immediate interest, but is still graceful. Mahalia includes many useful OpenType features, including a set of no (+)

New from insigne: Xalapa

insigne Design (+)   16/07/2008

Xalapa is a wavy and rugged script. The font comes packed with OpenType alternates and ligatures. Included are fifteen titling alternates, small caps, oldstyle figures and a full set of stylistic alternates to ensure that your designs are unique every ti (+)

New from insigne: Dienstag

insigne Design (+)   09/07/2008

Dienstag is an extended sans-serif and a new companion to insigne’s popular Montag family. Dienstag is a bit more formal than its predecessor as it lacks Montag’s rounded terminators. Montag and Dienstag both share the same metrics and the two can be swap (+)

Aviano Serif

insigne Design (+)   29/05/2008

Insigne’s popular Aviano series returns with Aviano Serif. Aviano Serif features the same classically inspired and extended proportions of Aviano, but instead of the brush drawn forms of the original, Aviano Serif features a more geometric take with sma (+)

Frutiger Serif

insigne Design (+)   20/05/2008

I saw over on Type For You that Linotype is releasing Frutiger Serif, a update of Meridien. I've always been a fan of Frutiger's work, and considered Meridien one of my favorites, if not my absolute favorite, serif typeface. It seems to be rarely used he (+)

New from insigne: Kasuga

insigne Design (+)   01/05/2008

Kasuga, Japanese for spring day, is a contemporary script with eastern influence. Kasuga’s pointed and fluid brush strokes evoke the orient with just a hint of the west. Kasuga is perfect for designs that need an Asian atmosphere. (+)

New from insigne: Stefania Antique

insigne Design (+)   22/03/2008

Stefania Antique is an aged version of Stefania, an elegant italic script.Stefania Antique is perfect for creating unique and ancient looking chancery manuscripts. A regular version and a more distressed alternate are available. Stefania Antique includes (+)

New from insigne: Pauline

insigne Design (+)   12/03/2008

Pauline is a sans serif with a strong influence from retro scripts. Pauline is a geometric face formed with slow and deliberate rounded brush strokes. The tall ascenders give it a useful touch of naïveté. It’s a face suitable for some interesting titling (+)

New from insigne: Massif

insigne Design (+)   05/02/2008

Project a powerful image with Massif. Massif is a sans-serif with a high-tech web 2.0 feel. The typeface family is a powerful and sharp design that is highly legible onscreen even at small sizes. Massif features a tall x-height, and its letterforms are c (+)

New from insigne: Florencia!

insigne Design (+)   08/01/2008

Florencia flows with the spirit and excitement of a beautiful dancer. Its extended and flowing letterforms are designed to glide across the page. This contemporary script is perfect for any project that calls for a spicy, exotic feel. Florencia includes (+)

insigne 1 year old today!

insigne Design (+)   13/12/2007

It was about this day (give or take a few days) that I went into type design full time. It's been a great year. I am sure that next year will bring some great typefaces, and I look forward to it. Thanks to all my customers that made this dream a reality. (+)

New from insigne: SavoryPaste

insigne Design (+)   29/11/2007

SavoryPaste is a grungy sans serif from insigne. SavoryPaste includes 64 discretionary ligatures of the most common letter pairs for a more natural look without distracting repeating characters. The typeface family also includes OpenType small caps, old (+)

New from insigne: Kidela

insigne Design (+)   14/11/2007

Kidela is an exuberant and eccentric serif typeface reminiscent of hand painted signage. Kidela features tight kerning and spacing, and some interesting effects can be achieved by adjusting the tracking. The typeface includes 64 discretionary ligatures t (+)

New From insigne: Terfens

insigne Design (+)   01/11/2007

Terfens is a sans serif with inspiration from chancery scripts like Stefania. Subtly rounded and eschewing harsh technical lines, Terfens is a warm and inviting typeface. Its tall x-height gives it a friendly but not overly informal feel. Its readability (+)

New From insigne: Stefania.

insigne Design (+)   11/10/2007

Stefania is an elegant chancery script, designed with wedding invitations specifically in mind. A contemporary take on chancery scripts, Stefania retains a traditional calligraphic feel. Its features include a more pronounced slant for an elegant and dyna (+)

insigne Releases Antigen!

insigne Design (+)   18/09/2007

Antigen is a forceful and fresh typeface with a strong futuristic feel. Its characters have a wide stance, and the lettering is subtly rounded. Antigen includes a set of OpenType alternates that remove the spike crossbars for a less aggressive appearance. (+)

insigne Releases Brigette!

insigne Design (+)   06/09/2007

Brigette is based on the popular insigne script Natalya. The frilly script has been acid dipped, scratched and destroyed for use in grungy design jobs or any other use that calls for a ragged script. Three different degrees of deconstruction are availabl (+)

insigne Releases the Q3 Catalog

insigne Design (+)   05/09/2007

The 2007 Q3 catalog is available here (.7MB) for download. The catalog includes our most popular faces with some brief background information and type samples. (+)

insigne Newsletter

insigne Design (+)   04/09/2007

I am pleased to announce that starting next month insigne will send out its first monthly newsletter. This will be a great resource, including behind-the-scenes information about our latest releases, information about upcoming promotions and a sneak peak (+)

insigne Releases Aviano Slab!

insigne Design (+)   24/08/2007

Aviano Slab is an extended slab serif and the newest member of the popular insigne series Aviano. The same classically proportioned letterforms are now available in a slab serif variant for powerful impact. (+)

New from insigne: Lourdes

insigne Design (+)   16/08/2007

Lourdes is an informal script font drawn with quick, thick brush strokes. The script appears to be quickly dashed down, and the characters were carefully designed to create a subtle rhythm. The strokes are slightly muted to avoid an overly aggressive appe (+)

insigne Releases Montag!

insigne Design (+)   05/07/2007

Montag is an extended, rounded sans-serif. In many ways it can be seen as a more conservative, extended version of Chennai. As with Chennai, it includes simplified versions of many characters for titling or when a more futuristic appearance is called for. (+)

insigne Releases Kairengu!

insigne Design (+)   25/06/2007

Kairengu is a casual and lively rounded sans serif. The characters are “gloopy” as if ink was poured onto page surface. Kairengu is a great choice whenever you need an amusing face with a lot of character. (+)

insigne Releases Aviano Sans

insigne Design (+)   06/06/2007

In 2007, insigne released Aviano. It’s beautifully drawn extended letterforms were a hit with designers and Aviano quickly became insigne’s most popular offering of early 2007. Now, insigne returns to the classical forms that were the inspiration for (+)

insigne Releases Splats!

insigne Design (+)   26/05/2007

Insigne Splats! is a series of vectorized ink splatters that can be quickly and easily used in your artwork. There are 64 unique and useful ink splatters. These individual splats can be combined, decomposed and organized to accent your designs. Splats! wo (+)

Natalya Released

insigne Design (+)   17/05/2007

Natalya is a flashy and rhythmic script. The script has more space between characters than most for better legibility, and the basis point for the ornate swirls is the golden ratio. This makes for an especially harmonious typeface with timeless appeal. Th (+)

Questal Released

insigne Design (+)   29/04/2007

Questal is an intriguing unicase serif. The face appears rather eccentric, yet it still retains a refined character. The typeface is wider than most, but not to the degree that Aviano is extended. The font includes some interesting OpenType alternate char (+)

Carta Marina

insigne Design (+)   25/04/2007

Carta Marina is based on the titling found on the famous map drawn by Olaus Magnus in 1539. The map of northern Europe took 12 years to complete, and the total size is a huge 1.7 meters tall by 1.25 meters wide. More information about the map, as well as (+)

Unicase Font

insigne Design (+)   20/04/2007

Sorry for the lack of updates for the, oh, past half month. I have been working on a new typeface called Carta Marina, based on the characters and illustrations found on that famous map. I am going to do my releases concurrently with now, so t (+)


insigne Design (+)   05/04/2007

This is a bit late, not because there was an issue with the design. For some reason, I was unable to upload the information to the provider that handles my paypal payments and downloads, Payloadz. Stratham is Kinshasa. I noticed when playing with the desi (+)

April Fools, 1977

insigne Design (+)   02/04/2007

Ran across this great typography related April Fools joke."San Serriffe is an archipelago consisting of two main islands and a number of smaller ones. Of the larger islands, the more northerly (the Caissa Superiore or Upper Caisse) is roughly round and th (+)

Kinshasa 3

insigne Design (+)   01/04/2007

Still more progress on Kinshasa. Some tweaking of pretty much every character here. (+)

Kinshasa 2

insigne Design (+)   31/03/2007

More progress on Kinshasa. Still quite a bit to do. (+)

Next from insigne: A "Clarendon Sans"

insigne Design (+)   28/03/2007

Next up on the list to do is a Clarendon Sans. At first, I was kind of wondering if it was possible. After some sketches I was satisfied this would turn out ok, but I later found that the concept has sort of already been done. See Leviathan. Despite that, (+)

Madeleine Progress 2

insigne Design (+)   18/03/2007

I am still not really happy with this so far. The primary issue is that the characters do not appear to be working correctly together. The intention was to accentuate the sporadic nature of the script, but it seems to be working to strongly against the ov (+)

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