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Font Bureau Type 101

Occasional notes about type and typography (Visitar)

Thinking Green for Earth Day

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   22/04/2010

My friend Joanna sent me an email a couple of weeks ago saying, “I heard a news blip this morning that I thought was sort of fascinating.” She went on to quote the news item about the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s decision to switch to Century Gothi (+)

the call

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   15/04/2010

A couple of weeks ago, I caught a screening of The Call of Cthulhu at my friendly neighborhood public library. H.P. Lovecraft, the author of the original short story, is something of a local hero here in Providence. I drew the above lettering in my sketch (+)


Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   01/04/2010

It could have been a lot worse but things are a bit wet at Font Bureau’s Rhode Island office this week. (+)

A Change of Fortune

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   29/03/2010

Last week Fortune magazine unveiled a bold new look, spearheaded by creative director John Korpics. To herald the new direction, Korpics commissioned Cyrus Highsmith to draw a new logo for the nameplate.Now entering its 80th year, Fortune magazine has had (+)

“Who Shot the Serif?”

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   26/02/2010

[Excerpted from HOW magazine's February 2010 issue, used with permission from the author and publisher.]Who says the serif is dead? Type expert Allan Haley bucks the sans serif trend, with a look at seven versatile new serif fonts you can add to your type (+)

unholy sonnets

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   11/02/2010

EM Letterpress recently printed a beautiful book of poetry by Barton Levi St Armand with illustrations by Walter Feldman. The poems are set in the inimitable Dante with Relay for the headers. (+)

the night air

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   11/02/2010

“In this edition we’re getting down among the serifs, fiddling about with fonts and dabbling in Qwerty as well as trying to make sense of the Myers Briggs test and where it’s usefully employed. How has the idea of the book and the mechanical printing pres (+)

the final frontier

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   22/01/2010

At the heart of calligraphy is the stroke that comes from the pen, the brush or whatever tool you choose to dip into the black ink and pull across the white page. Type design can of course be looked at through the lens of the calligraphic stroke. And it o (+)


Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   11/01/2010

I will be in America’s dairyland on the 14th to give a talk, sponsored by Design Madison. They suggested that I come in March when it’s warmer but I said no way I grew up in Wisconsin, I am coming in January. Doncha know. (+)


Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   04/01/2010

Happy New Year! (+)

happy new year

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   18/12/2009

‘Ras as-Sana’ drawn in Kufic style lettering. (+)

happy hanukkah

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   11/12/2009

Hebrew lettering, inspired by Ben Shahn. (+)

think löçãl

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   13/11/2009

Drawing a masthead is a nice change of pace. While a typeface contains hundreds of different glyphs, a masthead is usually just several letters long. You even know what order they go in. In contrast, the parts of a typeface can be assembled in almost any (+)

“Peace Has Broken Out”

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   04/11/2009

That was the tweet at least — a tweet being a Twitter or Twitster writing a headline and delivering it globally at text size, accompanied by a big picture of themselves or something. But what am I saying — I’m doing it again: Writing a blog. Writing a blo (+)

New Faces in Washington

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   28/10/2009

Last week the venerable Washington Post unveiled its new design, eight months in the making. More a “tweak” than an extreme makeover, the redesign was accomplished by an in-house team in collaboration with Roger Black and his studio. Charles Apple present (+)

From Boston to Mexico City

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   22/10/2009

Packing is almost done. My presentation is saved in about 40 different formats and 8 different places (one can never be too careful). Before I am technically awake on Sunday morning, I’ll be getting on a plane bound for Mexico City. I’m excited, and I can (+)

moving type!

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   20/10/2009

I sent Brent Barson an email to tell him how much I enjoyed the opening titles for the fifth Typophile Film Festival made by him and his students. It happens to feature Scout and Dispatch but for me that was just a bonus. The animation is really amazing. (+)

How We Read

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   10/09/2009

A common maxim among type designers is that drawing a typeface isn’t about drawing beautiful letters: drawing a typeface is about making beautiful words. A typeface is a collection of separate parts that have to work together in every possible combination (+)


Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   24/06/2009

…from trucks, dumpsters, freight trains, and buildings across North America. (+)

Kerning, Flow, and Music

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   04/06/2009

Ah, kerning. The very thought fills my brain with oxytocin. I don’t recall if I’ve met another typeface designer who likes it—at all. Some seem to tolerate it at the beginning, but they eventually grow to hate it. And yes, there are times I’ve gotten frus (+)

Web Fonts

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   18/05/2009

About a month ago I was interviewed by Jeffery Zeldman, from A List Apart dot com, on my early experiences in the type industry. When the interview veered to the topic of web fonts, much to my excitement, I spilled too big an idea. Excitement because we a (+)

If It’s May, It Must Be Offsite . . .

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   06/05/2009

This past weekend, May 1st through the 3rd, we gathered for our annual offsite meeting — a chance for the whole FB team to get together in one location. Once again this year, the tribe descended on Martha’s Vineyard, home to our peerless leaders, both Dav (+)

Typographica’s Favorites of 2008

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   05/05/2009

Zócalo, Benton Modern Display, ITC Franklin, and Rocky were all selected in Typographica’s Favorite Typefaces of 2008! Dyana Weissman was also invited to review Lakeside by Mark Simonson. (+)

Hand lettering

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   16/04/2009

Above is a close-up of some hand lettering from a recent project. It is nice to get away from the computer once in a while! (+)

For Spring Hath Sprung the Cyclotron

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   20/03/2009

In typography, it’s a commonly held belief that a typeface should do its job quietly, in the background. The reader’s attention is for the content of the story, not the form. Type does affect the text’s tone of voice, but usually in subtle ways. In comics (+)

Snow day!

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   02/03/2009

Residents of the eastern coast of the United States, where Font Bureau is located, are being warned to inside today because of a blizzard. I am going out to play. But for those of you still here and looking for typographic fun, here are 2 links.José Ramón (+)

You Can’t Make an Umlaut…

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   20/02/2009

For me, making typefaces is usually a tedious process: draw, revise, repeat. I often need to step away for some hours, days, or years, and let them incubate on my desk until I can determine what the next step is.But once in a while something will hatch, f (+)

Speak Up > Interview with Font Bureau’s Dyana Weissman

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   28/01/2009

“With the increasing number of typefaces entering the market these days, more and more type designers are finally getting some of the recognition they deserve. In light of this, I thought it would be interesting to reach out to one of the younger designer (+)

Font Specimens

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   28/01/2009

Salve Regina Univeristy and the Rhode Island regional chapter of the AIGA have organized an exhibit called Font Specimens: A Collection of Fonts Provided by Font Bureau. I’ll also be giving a lecture at the university on Thursday, February 5. (+)

a fine mess

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   06/01/2009

Novia set with extreme negative leading by accident. (+)

On the Road

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   04/12/2008

Talking about drawing…I think Ben Shahn spoke for many artists and designers when he said, “I am a painter. I am not a lecturer about art nor a scholar of art. It is my chosen role to paint pictures, not to talk about them.” But what artist or designer ca (+)

Word and picture show!

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   11/11/2008

I will do a lecture in Boston next week. Come check it out.6pm Tuesday, November 18thRaytheon Amphitheatre, Northeastern University (+)

New Type! Benton Modern Display, All Grown Up

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   08/09/2008

Font Bureau is pleased to announce the release of a major new typefaces from our drawing studio: Benton Modern Display!Benton Modern Text was first prepared by Font Bureau for the Boston Globe and the Detroit Free Press. Design and proportions were taken (+)

New Type! Rocky, a Latin With Bodoni Proportions, or a Bodoni With Latin Serifs?

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   08/09/2008

Font Bureau is pleased to announce the release of a major new typefaces from our drawing studio: Rocky!For years Matthew Carter wondered why no Latins with Bodoni proportions had been developed, or why no Bodonis had Latin serifs. He solved this problem b (+)

New Type! ITC Franklin, the Definitive Revision by David Berlow

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   08/09/2008

Font Bureau is pleased to announce the release of a major new typefaces from our drawing studio: ITC Franklin, the definitive revision by David Berlow.In 1902 American Type Founders’ release of Franklin Gothic introduced Morris Fuller Benton. In 1979 Vict (+)

Notes from Type Camp Galiano

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   06/08/2008

Just a couple pictures from TypeCamp today. I gave a lecture on being a typeface designerand we handed out the specimen books. The campers loved ‘em.—Dyana Weissman, Staff Designer (+)

Cyrus Highsmith & Leslie Cabarga in Print Magazine

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   02/07/2008

Cyrus Highsmith and Leslie Cabarga are among seven type designers that tellPrint Magazine what it’s like to see their fonts in unexpected contexts. (+)

Love or Hate Sky Boxes, They Are Here to Stay

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   16/06/2008

Sam Berlow, General ManagerI recently took my 12 and 15 year old to see the Celtics, and the only tickets left were in a sky box. The view was great, the seats were comfortable, we had a private bathroom, and food was good (for a sports arena). During the (+)

Type Camp Galiano

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   29/05/2008

Ahhh, the weather in Boston is finally warming up, and I’m starting to think about my summer plans. What I’m most excited about is spending 5 days and nights on an idyllic island off the coast of British Columbia, getting some color into my pale New Engl (+)

David Berlow Interviewed for The Boston Globe

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   27/05/2008

From A to Z, font designer knows his type“Unless you’re in the design or publishing industry, David Berlow won’t bother explaining his line of work to you.” (+)

One-Line Type Specimens Third Edition

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   21/05/2008

As previously mentioned here, Font Bureau was just on Martha’s Vineyard, without me. While discussing the future of fonts, I envisioned them sucking oyster juices from their type-designing fingers and munching on a particular kind of joy known as Humphre (+)

Cyrus Highsmith profiled in

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   19/05/2008

“In the world of type design, Cyrus Highsmith is a star.” Check out his profile, the lettering he did for the magazine, and his fonts: (+)

Font Bureau Offsite on Martha’s Vineyard

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   13/05/2008

The first weekend in May marks Font Bureau’s annual offsite meeting on Martha’s Vineyard.It’s when our staff come together to reflect on the previous year, and plan for the year to come. OpenType was very much on the table, as well as upcoming font relea (+)

From the Archives: David Berlow Interviewed for MyFonts

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   24/04/2008

“Although David Berlow is obviously too young to be counted among the grand old men of American typography, he is certainly one of its most influential figures.” (+)

David Berlow, type designer, on John Berry’s Blog

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   24/04/2008

“David Berlow has always been a consummate type designer, crafting new faces and new versions of old faces for any number of specific, practical uses.” (+)

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