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Design is in the Details: Using CSS Selection Pseudo-Classes to Declare Your Team Spirit

Tutorial Blog (+)   16/09/2010

I’m hesitant to admit it, but I’m not a huge football fan. My boyfriend, however, loves “his” team — the USC Trojans. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that football fans will use any excuse to dress up or decorate with their team (+)

How to Choose a Web Design Agency to Build Your eCommerce Site

Tutorial Blog (+)   15/09/2010

These days, anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can build a website. The question is, what kind of website will you get? Will your new website function well and be able to expand as your company grows? Your website is often the first impress (+)

Photomatix Tutorial

Tutorial Blog (+)   31/08/2010

This Photomatix Tutorial will be geared towards the beginning user. When I was a newbie to Photography in general I didn’t even know the difference between aperture and shutter speed. When I was new to HDR I felt a similar sense of ignorance when I ran ac (+)

How to design websites that appeal across cultural divides

Tutorial Blog (+)   14/07/2010

When you’re designing websites for a global audience, you need to be aware of cultural differences that will affect the way they are viewed in different parts of the world. You cannot expect the exact same website to be well-received around the globe. You (+)

Beginning Photoshop Tutorials: Start Here

Tutorial Blog (+)   28/06/2010

Photoshop is one of the most versatile tools available for the graphic designer or artist. Many people don’t realize how truly powerful the program can be when it comes to altering and enhancing images, but the fact is that most commercial images have bee (+)

Beyond the Blog: Get on the Wordpress Bandwagon

Tutorial Blog (+)   18/06/2010

Wordpress, long known as one of the most popular blogging platforms, has turned into so much more. With the release of Wordpress 3 “Thelonious”, the platform really steps into its own as a powerful content management system for writers, designers and ever (+)

How to Create a Hover Effect Using CSS

Tutorial Blog (+)   27/04/2010

Hover effects, rollovers, super-fancy link styles — regardless of what you call them — are a great way to get extra bang for your buck when putting together a website.Today we’ll be learning how to add a unique and creative feature to your website’s links (+)

Getting Work Done for Free: Best Microsoft Office Alternatives

Tutorial Blog (+)   15/03/2010

Microsoft’s Office suite has long been the king of productivity software. And with good reason—it is the most full-featured office suite available. Not only is MS Office deployed extensively throughout enterprises, but many consumers rely on it for their (+)

Cheap Wordpress Themes: 5 Semi-Premium Designs for Business Websites

Tutorial Blog (+)   12/03/2010

We’ve talked about Premium Wordpress Themes ad infinitum on TutorialBlog. But, sometimes you need a cheap WordPress theme that you can get online and looking good in less than an hour. What do you when you (or your client) want it all … and your budget is (+)

Social Networking Software: 12 Ways to Build the Next, Best Social Network

Tutorial Blog (+)   16/02/2010

Do you want to be the next YouTube, Flickr, or Facebook? Then, you need to find the right social networking software. Dating sites, friend networks, video sharing portals are all built on networking platforms that give members control over their (+)

Facebook Connect: Plugins to Integrate FB and Wordpress

Tutorial Blog (+)   12/02/2010

When I first decided it was time to add Facebook Connect to a website, I figured it would be no big deal. Facebook is a social media powerhouse, I figured, so they must have tools to simplify the process. Plus, I use Wordpress! So I was fairly confident t (+)

Awesome Customizations: 10 websites based on the Yamidoo Magazine Theme

Tutorial Blog (+)   14/01/2010

Premium WordPress themes can be a designer’s best friend. But most websites worth visiting know better than to use a theme straight “out of the box.” Your site design is part of your branding and it’s the first impression visitors will have of your produc (+)

How to Use Google Maps with WordPress Blogs: 5 Plugins to Get You Started

Tutorial Blog (+)   15/12/2009

It wasn’t long ago that Mapquest was the only quality mapping tool online. Then, the rise of Google Maps, possibly the best and most sophisticated mapping tool available online.Google Maps inspired regular people to become cartographers — mapping our live (+)

Sync Your Life: Great Tools to Sync, Backup and Store your Files

Tutorial Blog (+)   02/12/2009

You probably remember that one time when you really needed a copy of that spreadsheet for the meeting; only to realize it was sitting on your hard drive at home. Or the time you wrote up that great list of ideas and forgot to e-mail it to yourself.If you (+)

Freelancers: Invoice your clients

Tutorial Blog (+)   23/11/2009

Create invoices and manage account receivables online using one of these 9 web apps. You’ll save time and maybe even earn more money.The ability to successfully run a freelance design business, requires more than just graphic skills. You’ll need to know h (+)

Target Your Marketing Campaign with Facebook Ads

Tutorial Blog (+)   04/11/2009

Facebook ads are quickly becoming the top choice for targeted online ad campaigns. Whether your goal is lead generation, sales, or improving brand recognition, a targeted campaign will always have better results.Google Adwords used to be the king of onlin (+)

5 Photo Gallery Plugins for WordPress

Tutorial Blog (+)   02/11/2009

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If so, then these photo gallery plugins for WordPress must be worth volumes. Each plugin creates the photo gallery a bit differently — jquery slideshows, flash slideshows, automatically from  your flickr set — (+)

Free Photoshop Shapes: Download Custom Shapes Sets

Tutorial Blog (+)   22/10/2009

Photoshop shapes are different than Photoshop brushes, although some people use the terms interchangeably, they refer to completely different tools. Both tools will allow you to easily add custom elements that be stamped out over and over again, used to c (+)

5 WordPress Comment Plugins to Engage Users and Promote Discussion

Tutorial Blog (+)   21/10/2009

If you’re a new user to WordPress, then you’re probably perfectly content with the comment features you have with your blog and may have not even realized that you can do more with your blog by adding a comment plugin. With different WordPress comment plu (+)

Choosing the Best RSS Feed Plugin for Wordpress

Tutorial Blog (+)   09/10/2009

Using RSS feeds with Wordpress for fun and for profit. At one point or another most bloggers will want to display articles from another website. You may be sharing articles with a syndicated author, setting up a news ticker, or simply listing the current (+)

5 Ways to Prevent Social Media Disaster

Tutorial Blog (+)   07/10/2009

As the NFL season kicks off in the U.S., I’m just waiting for this year’s top end zone celebration to be someone pulling an iPhone out of their pants and sending out a tweet or updating their Facebook status with a misplaced comment that reveals the team’ (+)

How to Get a Google API Key

Tutorial Blog (+)   05/10/2009

To fully take advantage of Google maps and to integrate it into a blog or website, you’ll have to sign up to receive a Google API Key. This allows you to insert Google maps into your own web pages on your own domains. The only requirement is that you must (+)

How to Measure Success in Social Media Part Two

Tutorial Blog (+)   25/09/2009

Last week I discussed how as a company or a business you can measure success with social media marketing. I stressed the importance of choosing the right metrics (ie: click-through-rates not twitter followers) and suggested some software that could help.T (+)

How to Protect Your WordPress Blog From Spam

Tutorial Blog (+)   23/09/2009

If you’re new to WordPress, then you may imagine that spam is limited to just what you get in your email box, offering creams and pills to decrease your waist and increase your… um, other things. Eh-hem. Once you own a blog, spam can take on a whole new m (+)

Top 5 SEO Plugins for Joomla

Tutorial Blog (+)   21/09/2009

Anyone who runs a successful website knows the value of search engine optimization. A good SEO tool kit can turn a good website into a profitable website by attracting the right kind of targeted traffic.But, how do you SEO a CMS site such as Joomla? With (+)

How to Track and Measure Success in Social Media

Tutorial Blog (+)   18/09/2009

Social media is one of the biggest buzzwords of 2009. You can’t even turn on the news without hearing terms like tweet, poke, event invitation, or profile wall. We see it in commercials, on billboards and even celebrities, athletes and government official (+)

5 Free Ways to Market Your Blog

Tutorial Blog (+)   17/09/2009

It’s no secret that the ailing economy has hit everyone, even us bloggers who depend so heavily on Google Adsense and page impressions. It’s become increasingly harder to grow and maintain those high page views, while also competing with other bloggers in (+)

5 More Places to Buy Joomla Templates

Tutorial Blog (+)   19/08/2009

Last week we posted an article about where to find joomla templates. After being roundly smacked about by our readers for leaving out some of the larger (and popular) Joomla template design websites, we’ve decided to try and redeem ourselves with yet anot (+)

How To Create a Custom Myspace 2.0 Page

Tutorial Blog (+)   17/08/2009

Last time I discussed how to make a professional looking Myspace page — 1.0.  Customizing social media pages is an important for skill for designers, musicians and others. The ability to create custom backgrounds and designs for myspace, twitter, etc. can (+)

Thinking of a Smartphone? Check out iPhone, BlackBerry, and More

Tutorial Blog (+)   14/08/2009

Envious of your friends who are constantly answering e-mail, surfing the web, updating a calendar and texting friends and associates from their phone? It may be time for you to take the plunge and invest in a smartphone.The good news is that with intense (+)

5 Cool Places to Find Joomla Themes

Tutorial Blog (+)   12/08/2009

One of the most important things about building a website or blog is the significance of having an attractive design. It’s imperative to have a theme that not only looks good, but is fully functional and formats properly on the majority of popular web bro (+)

What’s New in WordPress 2.8

Tutorial Blog (+)   10/08/2009

The last few weeks have been a buzz on the Internet with the release of WordPress 2.8.3. If you have a WordPress blog or site, you’ve probably seen a notification at the top if you haven’t already upgraded. If you’re not the site administrator of your blo (+)

WordPress: Using the Featured Post Plugin

Tutorial Blog (+)   05/08/2009

If you’ve created an online magazine with WordPress or simply want to grow your blog, then you’ll want to add a way to feature specific posts at the top of your home page. Most online magazines and many high profile blogs have a featured post section  tha (+)

Turn Your WordPress Blog into a Business Website

Tutorial Blog (+)   04/08/2009

It’s no mystery that WordPress in many respects has taken over the blogosphere. The popularity of the Wordpress software has driven many people to use it as not just a blog, but for business sites as well. Did you know that you can turn your WordPress blo (+)

Photoshop Tutorial: Faking Darkroom Film Edges

Tutorial Blog (+)   31/07/2009

So far in my photoshop tutorials, we’ve covered quite a bit on how to fake the look of an old toy camera, with the Holga, LOMO/X-Pro, and Light Leaks tutorials.  These are fun to do, but if you really want to go all the way and to make people think you’re (+)

5 Ways to Market Your Blog With Twitter

Tutorial Blog (+)   30/07/2009

It’s no surprise that Twitter has quickly risen in popularity among social networks. Few national and local newscasts can go an episode without mentioning the powerful tool. It’s almost become a competition to see who can gain the most followers or who ca (+)

Installing Joomla With Fantastico

Tutorial Blog (+)   29/07/2009

Whether a seasoned developer looking to jump into the world of Joomla or a graduate of WordPress, this tutorial will help you start getting your feet wet by teaching you how to easily install Joomla with Fantastico.If you’ve installed WordPress with Fanta (+)

15 Places to Find Great Fonts

Tutorial Blog (+)   13/04/2009

Free fonts are used in a wide variety of areas such as web design, graphic design, print based work and more. They can come in very handy at times when you’re caught between the desire to free yourself from the stock fonts your PC arrives with.The art of (+)

Free Egyptian Font: Mido

Tutorial Blog (+)   13/06/2007

I came across this excellent free egyptian font today, named Mido , It’s created by Eva Grinder at Konstfack, Stockholm 2007. Its available in opentype format and free to download. What are you waiting for? Go grab it … (+)

Top 10 Sites about Typography

Tutorial Blog (+)   20/03/2007

Fonts and Typography are one of the most important aspects of any design, online or off, so to help you get to grips with it we are going to round up the best online resources …(more…) (+)

More Free Fonts

Tutorial Blog (+)   06/03/2007

Following on from our free fonts roundup, Urban Fonts provides you with over 8,000 Free fonts and dingbats in PC and Mac format.(more…) (+)

Free Fonts

Tutorial Blog (+)   12/02/2007

More free tools for your designer’s toolbox, this time we cover fonts. We have scoured the web for you to digg out the very best freebies we could find…(more…) (+)

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